My name is Miroslav Kokinda. English speaking people often call me Merrick. I graduated in Business Economics at University and then worked in management positions in large industrial companies. But like probably most people, I was asking myself and others  questions to which, for a very long time, I wasn’t receiving answers that would make sense to me. However, my persistent questioning eventually lead me to one of the best living spiritual teachers, Mr Ivan Kaplan from Johannesburg, South Africa and his Yoga – Kabbalah Meditation Society. It was a great blessing and I spent 4.5 years studying with him. Those years completely changed my life.      

A highly enriching experience was also my one year stay in the Lam Rim Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Johannesburg where I had a rare opportunity to meet a Tibetan lama who was invited there to teach and stayed for several months. 

In 1999 I was initiated into the first degree of Usui reiki and in the year 2000 I received the Master /teacher attunement to Usui Shiki Ryoho.

In 1998 I also completed a training with Mr Kaplan to become a meditation teacher and started running meditation and reiki courses in Johannesburg. Having received lots of invaluable experience I became a Certified Meditation Teacher of Yoga – Kabbalah Meditation Society. 

In 2001 I returned to the Czech Republic and continued with the work I had started in South Africa – teaching meditation and Reiki. I also wanted to learn how to most effectively help people who are experiencing various, especially psychological, problems and disorders but do not yet understand the value of meditation or need help faster. So, gradually, I incorporated regression therapy, SRT and systemic constellations into my work and started working with some other energy systems as well. I also translated some books from English (Essential Reiki by Diane Stein and I-Ching on Love by Guy Damian-Knight). Since 2006 I  have been translating for foreign Buddhist teachers who come to the Czech Republic to run their meditation retreats.     

Since 2006 I have also been doing spiritual psychotherapies which are based on many years of experience gathered together along my spiritual journey. In cooperation with my life partner Lenka Jelinkova we offer help in cases where classical psychology and psychiatry fail or are insufficient.