I come from a pure family in the Czech Republic. I have never had many friends and when I was small I felt lonely and rejected sometimes. But now I know that the solitude helped me to become aware of so many ‘other’ things, sort of touches of another reality.  

Then I got married and gave birth to three daughters in a quick succession. I was working very hard, we bought a house, my husband was an entrepreneur, so I was helping him with his business and devoted myself to my children with all my heart. I loved them very much. I supported them and my husband in everything they were doing, in ther hobbies, work, school… I did it with Love and gladly. But I failed to notice that an enormous imbalance was being created in the process. I didn’t want anything for myself, I didn’t have any other desire but for ‘them’ to achieve something and for our family to be happy together. I was very busy during the day and in the evenings I was left alone, my husband used to go out to enjoy himself… I got used to it somehow and used the time to engage in spiritual work and self-study.

My family was falling apart and I was trying to convince myself that it was just a crisis which every marriage goes through in a variety of scenarios. I knew about my husband’s mistresses but didn’t have the courage and strength to do anything about it.

At the time when all our three daughters were studying, my husband left us. He left me completely destitude and even evaded supporting the children. We had nothing to eat and I was left to pay all the bills myself. It was not easy to find work, I managed to find at least a low paid job in a nearby factory as an unskilled labour. My husband started to bring his mistress to our house and locked us out of the rooms. For three long years we lived in the dark garage           

Like many other people, I too achieved a higher level of spiritual awakening in such an excruciating period of my life. I underwent a very hard catharsis but soon after that great gifts started coming to me and blessings. It was an awsome but extremely hard period of my life. This kind of catharsis is described in one of Jack Kornfield’s books as the ‘Gate of Sorrow’. Many people walk through this gate when they are seriously ill. And when they are through, there is everything different on the other side… purer, clearer, more lucid.  

It was a period of many difficult tests where my faith in God became slowly renewed, I could feel his help and power. It was then when I met my boyfriend Merrick with whom we now work together. I opened my heart to Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, angels… Merrick started to show me various nooks of the spiritual life, took me to his meditation course, sent me to various groups and other courses… He was like a God-sent being to me, appearing from nowhere. He gave me so much support… he showed me how important it was to take my life firmly in my own hands and he helped me to achieve that.    

He mediated an initiation into Seichim for me and he himself initiated me into Usui Reiki. As a result, my psychic and intuitive abilities started to unfold at a very fast pace. I started getting deep insights into the essence of things, into the essence of life. My life changed completely. Since then, every day is a gift to me and a great experience, each day I strive to fill with unconditional Love and to give it to others as well.  

A beautiful milestone in my life was a spontaneous initiation into the Energy of Christ or Christ Consciousness. This happened on 30th December 2008, on the night of my birthday. I was then at home alone, Merrick went to translate for an Austrian teacher at his meditation retreat. And I felt very sad that I was about to spend my birthday without him and that I would be alone to welcome the coming of the New Year (my daughters were going out with their boyfriends)…

I went to sleep and in the middle of the night I was woken up by a surge of an extremely powerful energy. I was full of it and I felt as if my head was going to split open. But the answer immediately came in my bewilderment: ”You are being initiated into the Energy of Christ.” It was so beautiful and liberating. And since then I have gradually received altogether ten initiations into the Energy of Christ so far. It has been giving me strength, guiding me on my path, I know that I am protected. My faith and trust in God is growing every day.     

God has brought me, through hard life lessons, to my vocation. I would have never thought that I could do card readings for people to give them guidance in life, that I could initiate them into empowering and healing energies, that I could facilitate healing processes for them but the Universe has literally pushed me there J, and I am glad for it.

I know how important it is to listen to one’s own heart, God talks to us through our hearts.

We help everyone who comes, everyone who “knocks”, in finding the real Truth, God.

I do not cease in working on myself, whenever possible I meditate and learn through meditation. This to me is the very basis of any spiritual unfoldment and of all Knowledge. Meditation is gradually becoming my life. I have been constantly receiving new and new insights and initiations which help me grow, refinining me J.

Issues, which I am still supposed to have a look at, to understand and to resolve, have been popping up like waves in my life. But nowadays there usually is no more pain anymore, it’s flowing gently and I’m getting more and more experience. Every day the Laws of the Universe are being revealed to me in our work, and also Mercy and boundless Love.