Spiritual unfoldment and psychotherapies are, in our understanding, communicating vessels, so to speak.

Anything that blocks us from seeing the Light and our true nature attempts to hold us in ignorance, creating all our inner and outer conflicts.    

These blockages can be dissolved fully only through their understanding. When we understand, we are able to forgive ourselves and others. Reconciliation takes place and  complete acceptance. When there is acceptance, there is no more resistance, no blockage, nothing that would resonate with anything else but Love. We are free.

An unsubstitutable role here has meditation. The roots of our ignorance are gradually dissolved in the Light of Understanding which meditation leads us to and, by teaching us to live mindfully, it protects us from still more ignorance taking its roots in us.   

Another powerful help is prayer. “Ask and you shall receive.“ The help is always ready, only we often tend not to see it or to even decline it.

There are, however, other, auxiliary, tools, some of which help us to bring the roots of our current difficulties from the depth of our unconscious up to the surface, giving us the opportunity to examine them and to resolve them (regression therapy belongs to this category, as well as some energies, especially Imara and Amara, for example). Other tools help us to simply “cleanse“ that which we are ready to let go, often without giving us detailed information about those blockages and their causes. If they have been understood, we may be rid of them (Meditation with the Light, Spiritual Response Therapy, some other energies, and some other tools belong here).

In our work we use a combination of these and other approaches which we call Spiritual Healing. Some of them we also use independently. The diagnosis is usually done with the help of an automatic drawing, especially for the sake of the client. “One picture is worth more than ten thousand words.“ (Chinese proverb).

But the common denominator of everything we do is a prayer.

We want our clients to know that we do our best to prevent our egos to interfere with the process of healing. Everything that happens to us in life happens for some reason. No matter how hard and painfulful it may be, it is always necessary to realize that there is a lesson to be learned, a test to be passed. And no one has the right to arbitrarily interfere with another person’s learning.

We pray for our client‘s highest good but we always surrender the result of our work to God. 

We are not the ones who know what should be done, how it should be done, to what extent the person may be helped or if they may be helped at all. Only God knows. So we leave everything to Him. And we expect the same humility from our clients. It is important that we acknowlege our responsibility for what is happening to us, even if the cause is not obvious.

From our rich experience, people are getting a tremendous help through this work. If we receive a permission from God (or from the Universe, if you will) to work with the client, they always get a tremendous opportunity to learn and to bring about positive changes in their lives. But we cannot live their lives for them. Either they accept and use the opportunity or they fall back into their old routine ways of thinking and behaving.  

Lenka is a true mystic with extraordinary psychic abilities. She can read in the Book of Life, the so-called Akashic Records and even tap into the Da’at, the “Well of all Knowledge“. The information from the Akashic Records unfolds itself as a film before her inner sight, a film, in which she perceives intentions, thoughts and feelings of its “actors“. She communicates with the spirit guides, the souls of the deceased, as well as with the beings from other dimensions, other planes of existence, with beings like fairies, gnomes, spirits of nature, angels, ascended Masters and also with extraterrestrial beings. 

But above all, she has a direct and conscious link with the Source and the Christ Consciousness.

Thanks to her abilities, we are able to offer help practically in any area of a client’s life. The only thing we need to do that is their and God’s permission.

As a matter-of-fact to us is a daily spiritual work on ourselves. We encourage our clients to do the same because a true and permanent healing of our mental, physical and relationship problems may happen only when we have awaken pure Love in ourselves and a deep understanding of the Laws of the Universe.


The work we do can be carried out with the client physically present and it can also be done remotely. It works more or less the same.

There are obvious advantages to the client being physicaly present, such as we may talk with them, get to know each other better, any questions may be answered immediately…      

The main advantage of working remotely is that the client obtains a complete written report of the whole process and they may go through it as many times as they want to afterwards. Another advantage is that they may save time and money not to have to travel if they live far away.

  1. We need to know what the client requires us to do for them.
  2. If we receive the permission from God (or the Universe if you will), we will make a reservation for the client and inform them.
  3. The client will pay for the service.
  4. As soon as we receive the payment, we ask the client to provide us with their name and surname, date of birth, city/town of their residence and the postal address. If someone prefers to remain anonymous, we respect that but it makes our work easier if we have at least some of the details. 
  5. Lenka makes a diagnosis of the problem. She usually draws two, sometimes threepictures, using an automatic drawing technique. The first picture shows the client’s current general situation and reveals the forces and energies that are at play there. The second picture shows a deeper cause of that situation in the client‘s unconscious. The client may order just the first picture or both pictures and then decide whether they wish to proceed with the therapy. Or we can do a complete work and send them everything at once.
  6. After the therapy we give it about a week for the energies to settle down and Lenka then draws another picture, showing the situation after the therapy if she receives the permission to do so. It happens very seldom not to obtain this permission.
  7. We will scan the pictures and send a complete written report, including the commentaries to the pictures, to the client by e-mail.
  8. If the client prefers to receive it by registered mail, there will be an extra charge of USD 12 for the postage and stationery.

The total length of this therapy usually is 5.5 – 6.5 hours.   

Please, note that our work requires translation of the written report into English. A complete therapy is accompanied by a report which has at least 16 pages, usually even more. This means another 2 full days of work for Merrick.  We wish to have our therapies affordable for as many people as possible, so we have decided to leave it up to our clients how much they choose to contribute.  

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