Our dear Master paramahansa Yogananda encouraged people to tap into the infinitude of their inner source of divine wisdom, which is omniscient, to receive information. All knowledge comes without limitation from the inner source. He said that all his questions had been answered through direct communication with God.  

Lenka has realized this potential, which paramahansa Yogananda and other great Masters talk about, in herself. In her work, she is tuned to the Source and to the Consciousness of Christ all the time and she is therefore able to mediate answers to practically any sensible questions of our clients.

We offer the following options in this category:

Conversation with God

Conversation with Lord Jesus Christ

Conversation with Mother Mary

Conversation with an archangel of your choice

Conversation with your guardian angel

Conversation with your spirit guides

Conversation with any Being of Light of your choice

Please, e-mail us your questions.

Another possibility is to discuss whatever you need in real time over ICQ or Skype, typing the questions and answers. 

Please, specify one of the above options by e-mail.