People have, throughout the history, invented various means of recording data, sounds and images. From writing, to electronic means of recording, like phonograph, camera, computer diskette, audio and video casette, dictaphone, CD, DVD, web camera… and the research goes on and on. And, in fact, whatever a human being has invented, has always existed in the Universe; it just had to be rediscovered. Evidence exists that ancient civilizations were far more advanced technologically than we are today. So, the Universe still has far more sophisticated means of recording for us in store. Everything that happens in the Universe gets recorded. But not only data, sounds and images. Every intent, thought, emotion, word and action of every single sentient being. And similarly as we can record, say, our holiday or birthday party on a camera and then watch it at any time again on our computer or video recorder, we may go into the past at any time and retrieve information from there. This is how regression therapy works, for instance. And there have always been people who are able to read in the so-called Book of Life or Akashic Records, to retrieve forgotten or long lost information from there. Lenka is one of those people. 

Important Note: 

It is important to bear in mind, however, that not every information from the Akashic Records is available to us. When I browse through the Akashic Records, I see that some pages are unreadable for me. The information is released according to the level of awakening of the whole mankind as well as of each individual. Each person may only retrieve such information which is important for them to know at a particular stage of their life journey, information which could be helpful to their spiritual growth.    

How this can be useful to you: 

Life purpose 

Many people abuse drugs and alcohol because they feel an inner pain inside them. The pain of not living their purpose in life, for what they have come to this Earth. If they are unaware of their purpose in life, they feel unfulfilled, always looking for something which would distract them, which would help them forget that inner voice, encouraging them to find out and to live it. Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared to do that and so often people unknowingly miss a great opportunity to learn and grow in life. 


Everything that happens in our life carries a message for us to see and understand. Often it may also be a difficult challenge. But only if we live our lives with awareness, are we able to notice and decode the message. And the lessons we failed to pass in the past get repeated in different situations over and over again, until we become aware of what we have been doing wrong and rectify our mistakes. 

General Learning 

Looking back into the past enables us to retrieve lost or forgotten knowledge on about any subject. It is therefore a great source to tap in for our learning and research. 

Would you like to know your purpose in life? 

Would like to understand and heal irrational emotional pains, recurring thoughts, disempowering patterns of behaviour, mental problems, seeming inability to achieve your goals…?    

Are you doing some historical research or would you just like to learn more about a certain subject? 

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