Card reading, like any other method of divination, works on the principle of synchronicity. The word synchronicity invented renown Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung to term a meaningful coincidence.

To people, who are able to tune into the so-called Akashic records – our etheric memory – or to the realms of higher beings or even to the Source itself, the cards serve rather as an aid to better illustrate the situation to the client.

I don’t need the cards either to give you the right guidance but it may help you to better understand your situation. The cards are made of timeless and universal symbols which connect very powerfully with the unconscious of any human being from any culture around the world. So, their value is not to be underestimated.

I work with Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue and with the Tarot. My favourite is the Rider Waite deck. Sometimes I also use the Golden Tarot. To facilitate a deeper inner search I like to use Ulrike Hinrichs’ Angel Healing Cards. Cards help us in any area of life, provided it is in harmony with the Laws of the Universe. Sometimes they give us a gentle stroke, at other times they show us where we have strayed from our path and give us a warning.

The way it works:

The cards will give you an insight into any situation. For example – you are not sure whether your partner really loves you. The cards will show you his or her attitude and feelings toeards you and vice versa., your true attitude towards him or her. And then we can have a look in the future, what prospects there are for the future and what is recommende to work on, where some problems could potentially arise.

I avoid telling the clients what exactly will happen in their lives because I do not believe such information is going to help them, in most cases. I prefer helping them understand their current situation and make wholesome decisions, for the greatest good af all.

You may ask questions from any area of life. I will help you the best I can. You will receive the reading and the anwers to your questions by e-mail or we may do it via ICQ or Skype in the real time.

In case you prefer to receive the report by registered mail, there will be an extra cost of USD 9 for the postage and stationery.

I usually combine the card readings with an automatic drawing – an added value at no extra cost. In case, you have more questions, I will draw a picture of the most important of the issues.