Meditation is about getting to know oneself. It enables us to transcend the ego, to become aware of our true nature, to experience the unconditional Love, to see through the tricks of our mind, to realize how the ego works, to delve deeper and deeper towards the essence of being, to gradually liberate ourselves from attachments, fear, obsessions, past traumas, obstinate clinging to our opinions… The sharp awareness which arises in meditation is like a bright light which we use to illuminate our thoughts, our emotions. And in that light of Knowing we may see them as they really are, we may see how they affect our lives, how they blind and control us.  

Meditation teaches us Love and tolerance, develops our intuition, teaches us humility and acceptance, frees us from pain and suffering. It leads us towards wisdom. It helps us to integrate the right and the left hemisphere of the brain, it develops our ability to concentrate, as well as our creativity. It is inherently healing. Not only spiritually but physically too.

If the parents meditate, it has a tremendously positive effect on their children. Children live up to a certain age in the energy field of their mom and the dad’s energy field affects them to, of course. The parents‘ meditation brings about a tremendously powerful healing in them.

A practical example:

In one family all their three children were suffering from asthma since their very birth. When the mom started meditating, one of the children became completely free of the condition and in the other two it improved. The fourth child was already born healthy.

Hug your child after meditation.