“People have been placed to this world to get to know themselves and their brothers and sisters. We are those people. We are the Fallen Star. Our human laws change together with our understanding of them. Only the laws given by Spirit remain the same.“

White Wolf, Crow Indians

Constellation is an awsome method of self-discovery and psychotherapy, which has been developed by a well-known German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Constellations enable us a direct experience of the Cosmic Laws; of the fact that nothing is accidental, that everything is connected with everything else, that we all are connected, and that our mutual relationships are governed by higher laws. And that the highest of them, which integrates everything, is the Law of Love, out of which all the others are derived.

Constellations may teach us a lot about life, they teach us humility and respect to all life, they teach us compassion and reconciliation, accepting things as they are.

Depending on the area of life where they are applied, we talk about Family Constellations, Business Constellations and many other. They may be used for dealing with practically any relationships with people, objects, values and so on.

Family Constellations and the Movements of the Soul

Familly constelation is a method which enables us to truthfully look under the surface of our relationships with the members of our family. To see them as they really are, not the way we would like them to be or the way we think or believe they are. And to also have a look what kind of influences affect them and in what ways.

A tremendous asset of this method is that it enables us to discover, through direct experience, certain natural relations which are at play in the family systems, to look inside, under the surface of things.

In this process, hidden issues are being unblocked which prevent a natural, free flow of Love in the family system, as far as several generations back. This liberates us from an unconscious copying of the fate of our ancestors, thus enabling us to live our own life. And not only us. By liberating ourselves from this burden, we open up a gate to a bondage-free life to the future generations as well.

The term “movements of the soul“ refers to impulses which go beyond our family line and lead us to becoming aware of a wider context. The movements of the soul manifest, to a greater or lesser extent, in every constellation.