Seichim is a “matter of our heart“. J  

Energy of Seichim brings about a deep inner transformation, it greatly enhances our spiritual growth. It is possible to use this energy for healing as well, especially spiritual healing. 

A complete initiation into this energy transforms the soul. It brings about a deep understanding of the Cosmis Laws which results in the ascension of the spirit to a higher level of consciousness. 

Fountains of knowledge spurt out, springs of understanding, and they all converge to form a mighty river. And then much effort is not needed anymore, the path is unfolding itself, the river is leading us – carrying us. We only need to surrender to the flow. 

Isis is a Queen and goddess, the guardian of the knowledge of the spiritual essence, who permeated the spirit of the ancient Egypt. She has a lot to say by her mere presence. And if needed, she speaks through words. But her very energy talks to us as well, gradually uncovering and revealing forgotten values and knowledge, the ancient wisdom. 

Seichim also talks to us through symbols. 

It enables us to transcend time and space. On a certain level of understanding it enables us to travel freely through time and space. 

The initiation takes place in three steps – three degrees.

For more information see the SEICHIM DISTANT ATTUNEMENTS page.