Usui Reiki 

This energy was received by Mikao Usui in the last century. Through his pure and powerful connection with Reiki energy he became a very powerful healer. He started helping people healing their physical ailments. But later on he realized that it was necessary to heal the soul at the same time. 

Dr. Usui was passing Reiki on to his students in a meditative state. Meditation was always present there. And through this approach he was spontaneously encouraging his students to do the same. They were quite naturally taught that meditation is a part of Reiki. That meditation naturally belongs to Reiki. Due to the way Usui was teaching, this was not necessary to particularly emphasize. To his students this became a matter-of-fact. Unfortunately, today this is not very often true anymore.    

We love initiating people into Reiki at the end of our Meditation and Healing Course, on which everyone receives a tremendous opportunity to directly experience the state of the Universal Love, which is the basis of all healing, to experiment with the healing energy and to get to understand the principles of healing, even before the initiation itself. Meditation beautifully prepares our body and soul for receiving Reiki. Meditation is an indispensable tool for all our inner unfoldment which we may still enhance by working with Reiki.    

We offer independent Reiki courses as well, though, since some Reiki adepts already meditate. And we also believe that Reiki may bring people to meditation eventually. 

Usui Reiki is a Universal Healing Energy. We come accross a contention of some Reiki teachers that Reiki is not an energy at all. That it is a state. A state of being. And that the flow of energy we feel when working with Reiki, is a flow of prana. We see it differently: Usui Reiki is one of the aspects of the energy of Creation Ain Soph Aur, which is called the Infinite Light or the Brilliant White Light. Reiki connects us with Ain Soph – the Infinite or the Force of Creation and with the Source out of which this Force manifests. So, it is harmonizing but it cannot be said that it is a state of harmony. It helps us to reach that state.        

For those who are only starting to work with energies, we consider Usui Reiki to be the most suitable. In this system we probably learn best to perceive energies and train our psychic senses. Then we are able to identify a malfunctioning or weakened organ in the body, a blockage in a chakra and so on just by a sensation in our hands and sometimes elsewhere in our body. This energy is mainly used for healing ourselves and others. 

Working with energies makes us more gentle and perceptive, an environment which is out of balance may start making us restless, we start to feel compelled to sort out things, to put them back in order to a harmonious state, which others may even view as nitpicking if they weren’t used to it with us. J The best solution then is to initiate the whole family J.


  • healing in person or distant healing
  • healing oneself and others
  • creation of the so-called energy fountains
  • balancing of chakras
  • removing blockages from the chakras
  • removing an energy unbalance in particular organs
  • help to cope with stressful situations
  • charging objects 
  • energy treatment of food and drinks
  • sending it to traumas, healing the jolts of fate
  • sending it to the past and to the future
  • manufacturing and charging talismans
  • healing and strengthening plants
  • healing animals
  • healing the planet Earth – best in a group 

Usui Reiki may be practiced by anyone, regardless their world view. But Reiki opens a path to a greater spirituality. Only then may we use all the gifts it offers us. 

The initiation is divided into four degrees. You will learn about the symbols and their functions. You will learn to heal yourself and others. You will learn the essential rules of working with Reiki. We will share our rich experience with you.