This is one of the energies which open us to that which is essential in life. It helps us to live our life with awareness, like meditation, thus leading us gently to the very essence of life. This gentle guidance into the centre of our innermost being is beautifully symbolized by the card Change of Osho Zen Tarot. 

The energy of the Seal of God works on its own, all that is required of us is to accept it. It burns the excess of aggression and only leaves as much as is needed for our survival. It awakens compassion in us, unfolds out inner gentleness and tenderness. It shows us what a great strength is hidden in these qualities.     

It is also one of the energies of protection. Activated at the right time it has a great protective power. Not even predators dare to challenge this energy which radiates from us.

There is only one attunement into the Seal of God. If you’d like to receive this initiation remotely from us, please let us know and Lenka will check whether it is right for you at this time. If you are, then we will set up the time.