Kundalini Reiki is an energy of fire. The essential quality of this energy is that it ignites the fire in us which is able to bring to the surface our enthusiasm and openness at the right moment. It helps us to dissolve the fear that we’re going to fail at something. All this is very much connected with other emotions as well. The fire wakes them up in us and forces us to deal with them. And sometimes it does it really vigorously when the subdued emotions burst out  in a full blast. Nevertheless, if we are ready and approach this process with care, it will not throw us out of balance. But if we’re not ready or if we do not approach this energy with a much needed respect and humility, it may become destructive and lead to a severe energy unbalance and even mental problems.     

Initiation into Kundalini Reiki awakens in us a greater strength to live, regarding the everyday, practical things. It helps us to draw a more powerful flow of energy from the Earth and from the molten core of the planet. To make a comparison with Ra Sheeba, Ra Sheeba energy helps us to “grow roots“ to the Earth, connecting us with it, anchoring us.   

As far as the water element (the emotions) in Kundalini Reiki is concerned, this is secondary, consequential, to what the element of fire stirs and awakens in us. This is good to know for the Masters / teachers, as well as for the initiates. 

Kundalini Reiki is not meant directly for healing. We shouldn’t approach it with an expectation that it is going to dissolve our inner imbalances.     

And the important reminder again: Before receiving an initiation into any higher form of energy, we should already be rezonating with that energy and its frequency as much as possible to get a full benefit and to avoid unnecessary problems.   

We approach each initiation with a great responsibility and will not initiate you unless you are ready. But you still retain a full responsibility for your decision to receive an initiation from us. We’re not liable for any issues or imbalances that may occur. It is also your responsibility to do your part of the job, namely to work on your spiritual growth respectfully and at the right pace.  

If you are interested to receive a Kundalini Reiki initiation from us remotely, we can find out for you whether you’re ready and if the answer is yes, we can set up the time of the initiation.

Kundalini Reiki initiation is provided in 3 degrees. There is also a possibility to receive the so-called boosters after the third degree – 12 altogether.