Sometimes we are not able to find a way to each other’s heart. Sometimes a dear one dies without us having a chance to let them know how much we loved them. And sometimes we only find out afterwards when it is already too late. Sometimes the death of a person is clouded in a mystery. Sometimes we would like to consciously connect with our ancestors. These are some of the situations that may arise and which may be a reason why we would like to contact our deceased dear ones, ancestors or perhaps some other people too.

Would you like to talk with your ancestors and find out what it is they would like to tell you?

Would you like to meet a deceased person to ask them some questions?

Lenka has used her mediumistic abilities to connect hundreds of people with the souls dwelling in the hereafter, enabling them to heal their relationships, receive guidance or useful information, to unrevel a mystery. 

Please, e-mail us your questions.

Another possibility is to discuss whatever you need in real time over ICQ or Skype, typing the questions and answers. 

Do you feel a need to heal a relationship with someone who is no longer here with you?

If you would like us to assist you in healing your relationship with a deceased person, this may either require Karma Healing Meditation / Meditation with the Light or a full spiritual psychotherapy, depending on the concrete situation.