The souls of the deceased often remain here, on the earthplane. There may be a number of reasons for that. Either the person doesn’t even known that they have died or they don’t know where to go, are attached to someone dear to them or to their possessions and don’t want to let go … Small children often see them and some adults too.

In our culture, where the society is not very much concerned with the preparation for death, such an assistance is sometimes greatly needed. Often the relatives do not even part with the deceased in a dignified way, rituals which used to be a matter-of-fact part of the human life in the past, are missing. The awareness of their significance is being gradually lost from our lives. And yet, it would often do to pray for the soul of the deceased and to lovingly send it where it belongs.

Abortions are greatly underestimated. The soul of an unborn baby too requires acceptance and a dignified parting;  expressions of respect and Love. Unborn babies too are an inseparable part of our family and have their rightful place there. What a great influence this fact has on the lives of the whole family tree can often be seen in the family constellations. 

Most of the deceased do not do any deliberate harm to the living. Sometimes they inadvertently scare somebody, especially when the person is not used to them. Yet, they may be a nuissance, especially if they get into our aura in some way. In such cases we talk about “spirit attachments“ or discarnates. They may transfer our emotions on us and through that, of course, their susceptibility towards depression and other mental disturbances which may eventually lead to a weakening of our physical health. They may earwig all sorts of things to us, advance their own interests and weaken us energetically. Years ago I had a friend in Johannesburg, a gambler, who had a discarnate attached to him, who kept on playing horses even after his death through him.

If there are more discarnates attached to a person, it may cause them severe problems. Cases are known where, after the discarnates were taken away, symptoms, which the medical doctors had diagnosed as schizophrenia, disappeared as if by a magic wand.

We offer a complex assistance in this respect. Finding and resolving the cause of the situation and, at the same time, helping those souls as well. The healing then has permanent results.

It is also important to know that not all the souls may be taken away. For some of them the time hasn’t come yet and we always have to respect that.

We use the following ways of helping the deceased:

Karma Healing Meditation / Meditation with the Light, SRT or a complex Spiritual Healing session, depending on the concrete situation.