Our spirit guides are Beings who are full of Love and determination to help us, provided we are open to their help. They are always Beings full of Light who don’t want to see us suffer and who know how difficult life journey may be. And their task, their mission, is to stay with us for some time and to give us their support. They have been sent to us and some of them have even chosen this task of being our guides. They have opted to accompany us on our journey through life or through a certain part of it.

We usually have several spirit guides. They form a team which helps us and looks after us. And when we have the opportunity to communicate with this powerful team, it is a great reward for us, a great gift.

Communication with our spirit guides may take place in different forms. We may be able to hear their words or it may by a telepathic communication, they may be giving us various impulses or we may directly feel their help and guidance.

They are open to our requests. But it is necessary that whatever we ask for be in harmony with the Laws of the Universe and we have to bear in mind that all our requests as well as all other communication with them must come from our heart, that all our thoughts and words addressed to them should be sincere.

We would like to offer you our assistance in your communication with your spirit guides, as intermediaries. There are several options you may choose to do that. You may e-mail us your questions and we will ask them on your behalf and forward their answers to you by e-mail. We may also communicate via Skype or ICQ, typing the questions and answers or telephonically via Skype.   

Your spirit guides want to tell you that they are very patient, full of Love and mercy. They know that we are prone to make mistakes and they are here with us in order to help us avoid those mistakes. They give us Love and try to awaken it in us as well. They help us to see that which is truly important in life and our purpose in life. They symbolically illuminate our path with their lanterns and protect us.

They want to tell you: “We deserve much more of your trust. We are beings of Love.“