Welcome to our website! If you are looking for a spiritual guidance, healing and support, we are here to help you. Whether you’d like to get a clear perspective on your life, understand your relationships better, receive help with making an important decision, resolve some pressing issues from any area of your life, heal past traumas or to receive a healing energy initiation, we are able to offer you a highly qualified assistance. 

Lenka is a true mystic, attuned to the Source or God, if you will, and to the Christ Consciousness. She has a rich experience with helping others heal their lives and to move forward at the pace they enjoy. Both of us are experienced meditation and Reiki teachers, facilitators of the systemic constellations and spiritual healers.   

We love helping people who want to help themselves. Perhaps you have already heard this before: 

Q: ”How many psychotherapists are needed to change a bulb?”

A: ”Only one. But the bulb has to want to change.”  

Well, although it is a joke, there is a lots of truth in it. A person who doesn’t want to change, can’t really be helped. Sometimes even seriously ill people don’t want to let go of their debilitating condition because they enjoy the care and attention they are getting. This may be happening on the unconscious level, they might not even be aware of it. Often people are so stuck in their habitual patterns of thinking and acting that they fall back into that routine, even though they have been given a great opportunity to liberate themselves from that prison. 

So, although our services are open to everyone, we prefer working with people who know what they want in life and are prepared to do their own share of work. Because that is that which the most important. We encourage people to start living more consciously, with greater awareness. And that is what meditation is all about. That is why meditation plays an essential and indispensable role in our lives. As a well-known spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti said: “Meditation is not a separate thing from life. It is the very essence of life. The very essence of daily living.” By meditating alone many people heal themselves from a depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, low self-esteem and other disempowering conditions. Their relationships improve tremendously and their life in general. 

This doesn’t mean that we are only prepared to help you if you promise that you will start to meditate (although we would be very pleased with that J). But you should be at least willing to make some conscious effort to support the guidance and healing we may offer you. Otherwise you might be just wasting your money. Even though the Universe sometimes helps us despite ourselves J.          

Anyway, if you have read this far and didn’t get discouraged, we are looking forward to working with you!