Reiki, as well as any other healing and empowering energy attunements can be passed on remotely.  

Please, note that we only initiate people to Master/teacher degree of Usui Reiki who are truly prepared to walk this path with integrity, people who have real vocation to heal and grow spiritually and who want to do their share to make this world a better place. We will never compromise this rule.   

The procedure: 

Please, inform us via e-mail that you would like Usui Reiki initiation and into which degree. If you already have Reiki I or II, you may ask for a higher initiation. We will need your full name, date of birth, city/town and country/state where you live.    

Lenka will check whether she may initiate you. And if not, why. If another healing attunement would be more beneficial to you at the moment, we will discuss it with you.      

If Lenka gets a go ahead sign from the Universe, we will ask you to pay the relevant fee via PayPal – see the bottom of this page. 

Once we have received your payment, we will set up the day and the time of the attunement. Please, check the Time Zones.

It is preferable if the initiated may sit quietly, undisturbed, during initiation. 

We ask Mikao Usui to please initiate you. Lenka will describe the whole process of the initiation in detail and I will make a detailed written report of it. 

We will send you the report from the initiation by e-mail. 

If you require a certificate, we may attach it to the e-mail. Alternatively, we may send it to you by registered mail for a USD 10 fee. With the Master/teacher initiation the certificate comes automatically.  

Optional: You may also request an automatic drawing picture of the process of healing and the inner transformation the initiation has triggered in you, with a written commentary (approx. 1.5 – 2 pages). We may scan it and send it to you by e-mail.

If you’d prefer to receive it by registered mail, there will be a cost of USD 9 for the postage and stationary.