We compete with one another who will have more to eat, who will have more to drink, while our starved souls are pleading, almost inaudibly, through their parched lips, for a single sip of remembering. 

  Michal Caganek (The First Smile) 

The word meditation means different things to different people. There are many diferent teachings and even within the teachings, e.g. Buddhism, opinions vary as to how to practice it correctly.

My own practice is based on rich experience of over forty years of my spiritual teacher, who has  practiced with teachers from many different traditions and the best he has learned from them, enriched by his own experience, he passes on to his students. I also go this way.

I try to give my own students the best I myself have learned over the years, enriched by my own experience.

The central principle of my approach to meditation is the Universal Love Energy, as the core theme of all Creation. And from there everything else unfolds. 

My journey:

In 1998 I attended a group facilitators’ training course with my teacher which lasted the whole year and on which all the knowledge necessary to teach meditation was passed on to us. The training included both theoretical and practical exams, during which our ability to correctly and effectively initiate people into various meditation techniques was being tested.

Apart from that, during a period of over 4 years I repeatedly did all my teacher’s meditation courses. I also practiced yoga regularly under his guidance, which included the study of the Bhagavad Gita and of the aphorisms of the great authority on the subject of mind, the renown Indian scholar Patanjali. Lots of useful knowledge I also gained through private consultations.

I also participated in regular meditations and discussions at the Lam Rim Buddhist Centre in Johannesburg.

In 1999 I started teaching meditation in Johannesburg.

After coming back to the Czech Republic, I started facilitating meditation courses here and I also attended a number of meditation retreats with teachers from various Buddhist traditions, for example, with sister Ajahn Chandasiri from the Amavarati Buddhist Monastery, UK, venerable U Vansarakita from Canada, Christoph Koeck from Austria and others.

The course I have been offering is very much healing oriented. It is suitable both for absolute beginners, as well as for experienced meditators who would like to learn something new or to just spend several days in the company of similarly tuned people.

At the end of the course there is an opportunity to receive initiation into 1st degree of Usui Reiki or to Seichim, systems which strongly resonate with the energies with which we work throughout the whole course and which enable us to understand the essence of Reiki, if we open ourselves up to them.