When I started teaching Reiki, I was very much concerned about the correct procedure of initiation since I found that there was a number of different initiation rituals. The ritual my Reiki teacher gave me worked very well but so did the rituals of other teachers, so I was naturally curious about the other ones as well. I wanted to experiment to find out which of them would suit me best. Eventually I learned a completely different ritual from what I had been taught by my teacher and it worked very well too. And what I liked about it very much was that it wasn’t physically strenuous, unlike the one I had been using. So, I gradually abandoned the “old“ one. 

Many years later, when I met Lenka, I initiated her into Reiki to become a Reiki teacher as well and she joined me in teaching Reiki. And one day she said to me: “You know, when you are passing attunements, Mikao Usui is standing next to you, placing the palms of his hands onto yours and helping you.“ I said: „Vow! In that case I am redundant there actually.“ 

Since then, when someone came for an initiation to us, I just asked Mikao Usui to please initiate the person. And Lenka was describing the whole process of initiation by Mikao Usui and his students, who are now ascended Masters as well. And nowadays I just let Lenka to go through the whole process of initiation with the person. I only add some practical instructions and share some of my rich experience with the initiated to encourage them on their own path.     

We both have also asked Mikao Usui to initiate us himself and it was a beautiful experience, as you may imagine. 

So, this is our lineage: 

Mikao Usui ® Miroslav Kokinda 

Mikao Usui ® Lenka Jelinkova