Basically the same applies here as for the Usui Reiki distant attunements:


The only difference is that the initiation will not be carried out by Mikao Usui but by Goddess Isis.

Several years ago I was getting ready for an initiation into 1st degree of Seichim by a friend of ours. About four days before the scheduled initiation I was meditating at home, when, all of a sudden, I felt a very powerful flow of energy into my crown chakra. It didn’t hurt but, as unexpected as it was, it was a little scary. My head was overflowing with energy and then my entire body as well. And then I saw a figure with a face hidden behind a golden Egyptian mask and I heard the words which I will never forget: „Goddess Isis is giving you a gift.“ She continued with some warm, reassurring words and told me that my life was going to change. She literally said: „Nothing is going to be the same as before.“ And indeed. My life did take a 180 degree turn after that. This initiation was one of the greatest gifts I have received. 

And the same happened with each of the higher attunements. Isis became my dear teacher and even friend, helping me through some very difficult periods of my life. Several years have passed and I when I look back, I can hardly believe what a long and wonderful journey I’ve gone since. This is not to say that everyone has such an experience with Seichim. The life journey of each of us is different and it also depends very much on what we ourselves do with the gift. But if we are ready and work with what we have received, Seichim will always benefit our lives greatly, whether we become aware of it or not.

If you are interested in knowing whether you are ready to receive this energy and the teachings it offers, please contact me and I will find out for you.