When a child is conceived, it already belongs to our family, it forever becomes a part of our family system. Unfortunately, most people do not acknowledge this fact and this in turn is a cause of lots of misery and misfortune, not only in their own lives but in the lives of future generations as well.

Often the children who are born after the aborted or miscarriaged one feel that they have no right to live or they long to follow the unborn one. This happens on the unconscious level. The child and the parents usually have no clue what is going on. Nevertheless, this may be utterly destructive, leading to “unexplainable“ illnesses and sometimes even suicide. 

Another problem abortions and miscarriages bring about is a disrupted hierarchy in the family system. Each member of the family system has their rightful place in it and if he or she is denied this place, if their place is not acknowledged, or if they are even edged out of the system, this too is a source of a lot of pain and confusion. And this is so, regardless whether this member of the family system is alive or dead, whether he or she was born or not.

Did you have an abortion or a miscarriage?

Did your mother have?

Your grandmother?

Someone else in your family system?

Is it not the time now to stop shutting your eyes before this, getting out of the denial and to face the fact and resolve it once and for all for the benefit of the whole family and of the future generations? We offer a conscientious service in helping you to do it. 

Usually a full spiritual psychotherapy is recommended. Sometimes Karma Healing Meditation / Meditation with the Light, aimed at the acceptance of the unborn child into the family system may suffice, though.