The following are the words of our spiritual teacher who had helped many people to overcome this challenging period of their life long before we started doing this work ourselves: 

In the mystical literature this process is known as “The Dark Place of the Soul“. From my experience I can say that this takes place from time to time in the lives of people whose soul is awakening to a deeper understanding of oneself, of life in general, as well as of other people. It precedes great breakthroughs in the evolution of an individual. While a person is going through this process, they may feel completely lost, abandoned and alone and little do they know how invisible hands are leading them. The best advice they can be given is to give the process its free course and surrender to God. This enables the person to become more aware of the help of angels and other invisible beings. One never gets more than for what he is ready for. 

A person in such a situation usually doesn’t believe that anybody could understand what they are going through. And they don’t even understand themselves because everything they believed in is suddenly crumbling before their very eyes. But this destructive process is sometimes necessary in order that a rebuiding may take place and a creation of something better. An analogy may be used here of an old house, in which necessary alterations are not possible without a major renovation. Similarly, if a person is stubbornly clinging to some old and outgrown structures in their life, their subconscious launches such radical changes.      

This process “enables destruction of worthless values“, which have been preventing the person from discovering some higher values. It is a dramatic situation but it gives them an opportunity to start becoming aware of the things they used to overlook before or long lacked the courage to do anything about them. Many of my clients came to me in this important stage of their life for a therapy or to learn how to constructively support their spiritual unfoldment. Whatever follows this period of life marks a new chapter in the person’s life. This life process is highly regenerative and transforming.

From our personal experience having overcome psychospiritual crisis ourselves, as well as the experience gained by working with clients for several years now, we may fully confirm these words of wisdom.