The inner archetypes or the archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, as renown Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist C.G.Jung called them, are force – energy patterns which comprise our entire psyche. His contemporary and colleague Roberto Assagioli, the father of Psychosynthesis, called them subpersonalities. Each subpersonality acts as an independent unit, with its own particular wants and needs. When those wants and needs are in harmony with our purpose in life, we feel inner peace and fulfillment, no matter what the outer circumstances may be.

Also, from the point of view of Oneness, others are but parts of ourselves. Which means, people we are in a conflict with or whom we are unable to accept, serve as a mirror to us, showing us those parts of ourselves (inner archetypes) we are supposed to heal. In psychology, this is called projection.

The most common archetypes, which have the greatest influence on how we live our lives, and which we work with, are the Inner Man, the Inner Woman and the Inner Child.

Inner Man

The Inner Man archetype represents a healthy expansive power, expressiveness, assertivity and, in the positive sense of the word, the ability to acquire. If this archetype is healthy, then everything is permeated with unconditional Love and compassion.

Inner Woman

This archetype represents pure tenderness which is an inherent part of motherhood and also partnership. The Inner Woman Archetype also contains a deep reverence for birth, reverence for the woman, sensitivity and perceptiveness. While the Inner Man Archetype impersonates rather the physical and intelectual strength, apart from the strength of the heart, the Inner Woman Archetype impersonates the strength of intuition, compassion and emotions.

Inner Child

The Inner Child Archetype is a personification of boundless playfulness and spontaneity. It brings sparkles to people’s lives at any age. It represents enthusiasm about the present moment because it can see beauty in each and every moment. Each and every moment is an opportunity to play and to feel joy, often regardless of the outer circumstances. A person, whose aspect of the Inner Child is healthy, can always see a reason to be happy.

The other very important archetypes, which should definitely be worked with and healed in the course of our lives, are the archetypes of the Great Arcana of the Tarot.