I own an apartment house in Prague – Zizkov and have an interesting story to tell with regards to one of the apartments there, apartment No. 21:

This apartment was, from the very beginning since I bought the house, as if under a spell. There was a strange old lady living there who resembled a little grey mouse, both by appearance and behaviour. Whenever I met her on the staircase or in the corridor, she bowed her head, averted her eyes and quickly disappeared into her apartment on 2nd floor.

I first tried to contact her at the time when my lawyer and I were going round the tenants to check the tenancy agreements. But to her we never managed to get. Even when I was certain that she was at home because I had seen her coming, she would never open the door for us, even when we knocked.  

Some time passed by and my entire contact with her was taking place through written notes which I was slipping under her door. Until her friend phoned me, who eventually mediated all my communication with her from then on.

Since I was buying the house with the intention to convert it into a guest house, I started moving the tenants into substitute apartments which I had chosen and bought for them. For this particular lady I had acquired a nice apartment of the same size as the one she was living in and even one category higher in Prague 10. I thought that by doing this I had done everything I could have for her to be content. But as soon as I managed to move her out and started reconstructing the apartment, a strange stench appeared there. This was around 1994 / 1995.

What was interesting, even though my employees, my mother and myself were aerating the apartment regularly and more often than the other ones, this stench did not disappear until 2009 / 2010 when I asked Miroslav and Lenka for help. They unraveled the mystery and did a therapy to resolve this problem. 

The therapy showed that the lady had been extraordinarily attached to the apartment and in the process of being involuntarily moved out as if a part of her died there. This was causing this strange stench in the apartment.

What was extremely suprising, after the therapy this two bedroom apartment was the first one to find its tenants and they have been living there happily since. Which is rather unique because otherwise there is quite a great fluctuation in the house and every month several apartments get vacated and occupied by new tenants.

Pavel Rehak, Prague, Czech Republic


Lukas C. , Germany, Kaiserslautern

I want to thank Lenka and Miroslav for the channeling they did provide me, it was what I needed right now.

I’m standing at new ways, which are for most people hard to understand and I’m having some intense experiences.
So I was very pleased by the reading, as they already had similar
experiences and don’t look at me, as I could be crazy, because my
topic is a bit out there for the average gusto.
I can certainly say it was my guide coming through the channeling, I
recognized him by his hidden dry humor.
The drawing was also very hopeful and confirming, so that I realized
I’m at the beginning of something new and not ending in getting crazy.

The information was educational and creative, so I could get more of
the intention or energy that lies behind these messages.
Thanks again.  

I am quite happy to have a reading done by Lady Lenka. She is honest, helpful, and caring. Her reading was very insightful and educated me– made me realize things that I wouldn’t have before. It was uncanny how the things she said about me were spot on. She knew me, my personality, and my situation. But more importantly, she knew how to help me and she did what she could to guide me through such a difficult time in my life. Thank you Lady Lenka!! And thank you Merrick!!

Jenelle B., New York State, U.S.A.

It was about 2 years ago when I started trying to work with the pendulum and with the Higher Self. I wasn’t yet ready for this activity though… I only came to understand this when it was already too late. Everything looked wonderful and I was so careless, ignorant and inexperienced. I started to connect with beings who were helping me but who definitely were not coming from the Light.  

At that stage it was already too late for me to be able to help myself. I didn’t know how, I was weak… The more I wanted to rid myself of those energies, the more they were letting me know that they were around. Since that time I could feel those beings near me, they wouldn’t leave me alone and I started to feel such a horrible fear like I possibly hadn’t experienced before. I was paralyzed by that fear, I couldn’t fall asleep, I was experiencing anxiety and panic, a feeling as if I was unable to breathe.       

I was trying to defend myself against this influence but all my efforts were futile. The fear disappeared but very soon it was back. I’m very sensitive to energies and this was something which was even occupying my head, which was destroying me.  

I started looking for help, I was aware that I needed it, otherwise I might lose sanity. I didn’t know anyone and so I was searching the internet and found the website of Miroslav and Lenka. I wrote to them and asked them for guidance, for help. Today I know that my search was nothing less than the help of the angels. I described my situation to Miroslav and Lenka and I was immediately offered help with a great openness and cordiality. 

I undertook several remote therapies, lots of advice and healing. Lenka used her psychic gift to have a look at my situation and found out that my careless activity awakened my past from some previous incarnations and she could also see a negative energy between me and my father with whom we didn’t have a good relationship since my childhood. Immediately after the first healing with the help of energies and Beings of Light I felt a great relief, it was a blessing for me. And not only I felt that relief… my father too felt a positive change. I must say that today we have a beautiful relationship.   

After about three sessions I felt free, at long last I could breathe freely again, my fears were gone… they had been subsiding until they disappeared entirely. Such a great relief and joy… and a lesson.   

Before long I met Miroslav and Lenka personally, they devoted their time solely to me. I received highly valuable information, initiation by goddess Isis… and above all a beautiful memory, beautiful moments, friends. 

Thank you Lenka and Miroslav for your work, help and openness… for your positive energy. I know that I can always turn to you for help whenever I may need it. I trust you completely and I will therefore put myself into your care at any time again. 

It has been two years already and those two people have left something beautiful in me, something which I have been aware of every day since. Often, very often, I think of you thanking God for having brought me to you. 

Ivana V., Czech Republic